Copyright ©&℗ 2020 Jumping Jules Poetry

Copyright ©&℗ 2020 Julie Stevens

Jumping Jules Poetry

Welcome to Jumping Jules Poetry. Home of poet Jumping Jules. Here you will find a selection of my poems that are honest, funny and moving. All written by myself. I hope you can relate to them. Jump in and have a look.

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About Me

My name is Julie Stevens, but I publish under the name Jumping Jules. I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 30 years. I used to be a primary school teacher and was a successful athlete. Nowadays, my MS has progressed so much, I use sticks, wheelchair or mobility scooter to move around. I love writing poetry and my poems tend to reflect the impact MS has on my life, as well as other topics close to my heart. I write poems for both adults and children. I am thrilled they can relate to my poems and are finding them inspiring. Being disabled hasn’t stopped me from having fun. It just means I have to shine my light in a different way.


Exciting News!!!

Ariel Chart (2).PNG

Three poems published on Ariel Chart International Literary Journal. Go to blog to find out more!

Runcible Sppon Down Here.JPG

Two poems published on Runcible Spoon poetry and prose webzine. Go to blog to find out more!

Featured on BBC Upload!!! Go to my blog to find out more!!

So Proud! Go to my blog to see my poem If I Can't in MS Matters magazine!

I'm delighted to tell you my poem If I Can't has won a competition!! Read the poem here and find out more about it on my blog!!

Go to my blog find out about my newspaper article in Cambridge News and read it below


So thrilled Brian Moses, children's poet, has asked me to be a guest poet on his blog.

Go to my blog to hear me read 'If I Can't' at open mic and find a link to Brian Moses' blog. So exciting!! Thank you Brian!!


Go to my blog to read about me being interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire!!! 

Listen to my live show on Huntingdon Community Radio!!!


'This is sadly so true'

'This one always makes me laugh'

'Very moving'

'Your poems share your struggles but also your triumphs with honesty and humour'

'It's a terrifically powerful poem''

'Your poetry is brilliant'

'I absolutely love this poem'

'Heartfelt words, beautifully put'

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