My Witch


There’s a witch in our shed

Or so I’ve been told

With hair like a princess

And beautifully clothed


She rides a silver broomstick

With a very friendly mouse

All around our garden

Flying over our house


Her eyes are bright blue

Her lips deep pink

She tells you funny stories

How scary animals shrink


She uses her wand

To freeze bothersome boys

Replace them with fairies

Unicorns and toys


She takes from our fridge

Our food that’s so cold

For spells and magic potions

Turn brothers into toads


Our kettle is her cauldron

To boil all her spells

Always leaving our kitchen

With the most delicious smells


There’s a witch in our shed

Or so I’ve been told

I wanted to meet her

But she cried, ‘You’re too old!!’

Background: My daughter is always talking about the witch in our shed. She told me what she looks likes and how she spends her day! I'm still looking for her broomstick!

Copyright ©&℗ 2021 Julie Stevens (Jumping Jules Poetry)

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