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Published Poems and News 

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Let the Dark Stay on Acropolis Journal


No Matter on BBC Upload, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

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I won the Hedgehog Poetry Press Summer Breeze competition with my poem Sun Snake

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Solving Problems, Except One on Brian Moses' blog

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Two Poems on Icefloe Press

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Tickets to Ride on Tyger Tyger Magazine

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That's my Mum on

Brian Moses' blog

Fevers of the Mind.PNG

Three poems on

Fevers of the Mind

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Wolf Class on

Acropolis Journal


This Way shortlisted in the Dreich Black Box Competition

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Not Today on

Black Nore Review

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Three poems on Flights


Two poems on 

The Dirigible Balloon


Going Outside on BBC Upload, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

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Chocolate on

Brian Moses' blog

The Seventh Quarry.jpg

Three poems in

The Seventh Quarry


Running is a Prize in

The Dawntreader

Indigo Dreams Publishing


Two poems on 

The Dirigible Balloon

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Unravelling in Skylight 47

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Every Single Step on

Wishbone Words

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No Matter in Elizabeth's Poetry of Hope Book (in support of child amputees)

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The Bees in Fly on the Wall Power magazine

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Trapped from Balancing Act chosen as Poem of the Month November 2021 on Cafe Writers


Grumpy Snowman on BBC Upload, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire


Two poems on

The Dirigible Balloon


Free Falling from Balancing Act nominated by The Hedgehog Poetry Press for the Pushcart Prize 2021

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Insomnia on

Ink Sweat & Tears

Pick of the Month 

October 2021

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Fear on Brian Moses' blog


Longlisted in the Gloucester Poetry Society Open Poetry Competition 2021

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See a Wish nominated for Best of the Net by Flight of the Dragonfly


Three poems on

The Dirigible Balloon

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I'd Run with You on Dear Reader

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Zip Wire to Freedom on Ink Sweat & Tears

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A Coat to Last on Crow of Minerva

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Run Again in Dreich Summer Anywhere


Recipe for Flying on The Dirigible Balloon

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Two poems in Dreich Ismisms

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Two poems in Dreich Things That Go Bump in The Night

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Three poems on Flights


Don't Worry on BBC Upload, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

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Who I Am on

Better Than Starbucks

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Two poems in Heron Clan VIII

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Three poems on Impspired


Two poems in Dreich,

The Wee Book of Wee Poems


Floating On on BBC Upload, 

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

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Three poems on Lothlorien Poetry Journal

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IMG_1060 (2).jpg

Five poems in Sarasvati magazine from Indigo Dreams Publishing. Check out the back cover!


Going Outside on BBC Upload, 

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

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If I Can't on

Dodging the Rain

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Floating On

on Nymphs

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6 poems on Ariel Chart International Literary Journal

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My Bag on Neuro Logical


Three poems on The Poetry Realm app. More on my blog

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Angst in Fevers of the Mind anthology


Bring Me Snow on BBC Upload, 

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

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Run Again on The Honest Ulsterman

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Five poems on Dodging The Rain

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Poems published in all these Dreich themed chapbooks (Ekphrastic, Lockdown, Afters and Dreich Xtra)


Going Outside on BBC Upload, 

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

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Not for Me on The Handy, Uncapped Pen


Three poems on Brian Moses' blog

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The Beast Outside on The Poetry Kit


Five poems published in Dreich magazine. More on my blog

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The Poem Seller on The Reading Realm

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Always There in Crossways Literary Magazine

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Bird on The Honest Ulsterman

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Going Outside on Inspiration in Isolation

Inspiration in Isolation Chasing Rain.PN

Chasing Rain on Inspiration in Isolation

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Always There and I Know on Nine Muses Poetry

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My MS poems on the World Poetry Cafe Website. Find out more on my blog

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Article and poem MS and Me (My Song) in MS Trust's Open Door Magazine

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Raising money for MS Charities. Children's poems on World Poetry Cafe website. More on my blog

The Blue Nib.PNG

Lying in Bed on The Blue Nib

Burning House Press 2.PNG

Take me to a Place and Plea on Burning House Press

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Fear, Incubus and Alone on Ariel Chart International Literary Journal. More on blog

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Down Here and Hidden Tears on Runcible Spoon poetry and prose webzine. More on blog


Read article and If I Can't in MS Matters magazine. More on blog


I'm Fine on BBC Upload, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire