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Thank You


You saw I was stuck unable to open the door,

you held it for me so I could continue some more.

Thank you.


She moved up the table so I could sit at the end,

she saw I was struggling behaved like a friend.

Thank you.


You carried my drink as I wheeled to the table,

you knew that I felt incredibly grateful.

Thank you.


A thoughtful word showing I’m pleased you care,

a polite word announcing I’m glad you were there.


He pushed my chair as my arms were too weak,

he bent down next to me to hear me speak.

Thank you.


I was so tired I couldn’t remember the word,

you said it for me my embarrassment spared.

Thank you.


She sat next to me when I needed a rest,

she listened with interest before she left.

Thank you.


A word I hope I will never forget to say,

a word I hope will brighten your day.

Background: My poem to say thank you to everyone for all the help I get

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