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World Poetry Cafe

Updated: May 8, 2020

I was invited by poet Nick Toczek to record videos for the World Poetry Cafe. This is part of the fab World Storytelling Cafe website. I am reading and writing children's poems on the video. Children can take part, should be fun! Poets are not able to perform at festivals, workshops, in schools, libraries etc now due to the pandemic. It's a great website bringing poets and storytellers together to perform their shows and also have the opportunity for donations.

Due to the pandemic, people are not able to fundraise for charities in the same way as before as we can't go outside (marathons, jumping out of planes, etc). I have decided any money raised from my videos on this website will be donated to MS charities (the MS Trust and the MS Society). Underneath the video there is a hat. This is where you can donate if you are able to. Thank you and enjoy the video! This is the link: will be another video coming soon with some of my adult poems on. Don't forget to listen to some of the other brilliant poets. You might recognise a few names! I really enjoyed videos from Nick Toczek, Roger Stevens and Sue Hardy-Dawson and John Row. Take a look!

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