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Woburn Safari Park with my Scooter

I didn't get pecked!!

I was really lucky to have a day out at Woburn Safari park in Bedfordshire with my family. The last time I went I walked the whole way round. This was years ago and I remember how hard the walk was then. Put a real downer on the day, as I couldn't keep up with everyone and ended up sitting somewhere and letting them go off and have fun. This time I took my scooter and what a difference it made!! I only bought it last year (wasn't very enthusiastic about the whole thing at the time!) and what a difference! Saw everything they did and no sad face in sight. The highlight was seeing a red panda for the first time. And of course the tigers, giraffes, monkeys destroying cars (not ours), bears, penguins, etc etc!! Love this place and I now love my scooter too!!!!

First time I saw the red panda

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