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Snow came to visit

With a paint brush in her hand

Took only five minutes

To sprinkle my land


Call that a painting?!

I yelled in distress

My grass is still green

Hardly trying to impress!


The grass should be covered

With a thick layer of white

Tree branches drooping

Weighed down, embedded tight


The white should be deep

Rising tremendously high

With flakes falling silently

Trying to drown your eye


Treacherous conditions

Is what I long to see

Snow swirling so fast

Birds trying to flee


Snowmen and children

Playing side by side

Laughter and rejoicing

Taking sledges for a ride


I long for that painting

I pleaded with snow

Make true my dreams

That I used to know


Snow whispered to me

To close my eyes tight

She would paint that picture

As I slept tonight

IMG_2641 (2).JPG

Where I used to live!!

Background: When everyone else got loads of snow, we hardly did!!!! Virtually nothing!!! Very disappointed, so I wrote this poem!!

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