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Riding My Luck

I’m an expert at staying on my feet

I’m practising it every day

You can ask the hedge

You can ask the wall

They’ve witnessed my stumbles some way

It doesn’t take much for my feet to falter

Topple forwards, sway backwards

A sudden trip

My head might think it’s in control

But it’s my feet who are bossing this rocking ship


Only yesterday when leaving the house

My head directing to the car

Once over the step

My feet began to dance

And across the grass we swayed

Straight into the hedge

I clung to the leaves

And stayed on my feet not afraid


An expert you say

An expert I am

I’ll stay on these feet if I can

That handy wall

That sitting chair

That kitchen worktop

They’ve all been there

That lying bed

That eating table

That chest of drawers

To make me stable

I’ll find them all

I’ll grab and hold

A plunge to the ground

Will never be told

I’ll search them out

I’ll hang on tight

This master knows how to get it right


I’m an expert at staying on my feet

I’m practising it every day

From dawn to dusk

I’ll play this game

And stagger and stumble away


If ever the time comes

When my luck runs out

And I fall to the ground in a heap

Remember the expert that once there was

And please put me back on my feet​

Background: This happens all the time!!! I trip over my feet. In MS terms it's called 'foot drop'. One time, I was closing the door  and completely lost my balance. I stumbled nearly 3 metres across our garden and landed in the hedge!!! I clung to the leaves and regained my balance. How I didn't end up on the grass, I'll never know!!

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