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Nowhere to Go


I want to break out of this cage

From this place that has imprisoned me

For every thought I have

A brick is laid

The builder endlessly constructing

Sealing my passage

Securing my unease

Anxiety has me trapped


Fear is swelling inside me

Constant questions being asked

A pack of hounding interrogators

A paralysing inquest

What if? Should I? Can I really?

Each one requiring the perfect solution

A vicious circle of thoughts

Playing incessantly in my head

Anxiety is building this enclosure ever higher


My body is drained

My stomach is churning

Sick and tired from all this worry

I must muster the strength

To climb out of this dark tunnel

But not now


In time I will be free

I will tear down this wall

I will smash every brick surrounding me

And I will confidently march on

With no worries, no burdens, no concerns, no doubts

Just live my life

Just breathe in the air

One day, I will be there

Background: This is how I think anxiety stops you from being the person you want to be

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