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New Life


The excitement that spring can bring

I feel it everywhere

It’s a time of year that brings us hope

Clears out winter’s despair

Spring is carrying new life

Waiting for us all to see

There’s a real cacophony of sounds right now

Music from every tree

Orchestral birds performing

Their melodies fill the air

Swallow, swifts and nightingales

All working hard to prepare


I tremble at the very thought

My worsening legs will mend

Spring is delivering bounds of energy

More strength for me it will send


Daffodils are swaying nervously

Their soft yellow petals huddle tight

They peer out over towering green stems

Waiting to find the light

Butterflies swoop over a waterfall of colours

Headlining bees burst free

Sleepy hedgehogs are waking now

Acrobatic frogs I can see


I pray that Spring will fix my tiredness

My aching body, my tripping feet

I hope it will end all my struggles

And finally let me sleep


I see new lambs and baby chickens

Spring really has brought new life

I see flowering blossom on trees galore

But has it forgotten my plight?

I hear people tidying and making new

Cleaning and throwing out

I see squirrels running on branches high

But did Spring not hear my shout?


This energy Spring has brought

Is bounding everywhere

But my body is really no different now

Is still in need of repair

I guess this life that Spring delivered

Is really not for me

Hasn’t got any magic or healing powers

That I need to set me free


Background: Spring is definitely a glorious time. Wouldn't it be great if Spring could bring new life to my struggling body?!!!

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