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Hungry Mouse

Something mysterious

has happened in our fridge

half-eaten food has been found,

drops of juice

smears of yoghurt

and a pattern of crumbs scattered around.


Corners of cheese not there

juice from bites in a pear,

bottles of milk with no top

tomatoes flattened in a mushy slop.

Carrots gnawed

ice pops thawed,

eggs with cracks

marmalade tracks,

tearful cartons with nothing to hold

empty jars left standing cold.


Without a doubt something’s not right

could a fridge invasion be happening at night?

Has a hungry mouse discovered our treats,

or are ten thousand ants leaving this trail of grease?

I must set up a trap

discover the truth,

find a place to watch

be a super sleuth.


When all of a sudden

a little girl stands there,

lips dripping with milk

tomato slops in her hair.

Fingers drenched in yoghurt

pockets full of cheese,

sticky hands on her tummy

marmalade dripping from her knees.


The hungry mouse

finishes her final snack,

with Mum on the menu

they’ll be no holding back.

A meal of excuses

must never be heard,

or she’ll end up in a milkshake

being shaken and stirred.


Looking really worried

she wipes her lips,

please don’t be cross with me

I’m feeling so sick.

If it’s alright with you

I’ll go and lie down,

but I’m pleased to announce

we have the best fridge in town!

Background: My daughter keeps invading the fridge. We keep finding empty packets and food missing! Who knows this?!

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