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Dare You!

Last week I learned to fly

Up there with the clouds

Screaming with the wind

Cutting through the air

At one with the sky.

No barriers blocking me

No indecisions to change my mind

Just freedom

Just pure freedom

Just living without a care.


They said ‘Be happy’

They told me to live

They said ‘Go out and enjoy!’

And ‘Don’t look so down.’

‘Head up!’ ‘Be positive!’

‘No need to be so glum’

‘Go on! You can do it!’

‘You’ll be ok,’ they said.


Bet they didn’t expect this I cry

Swirling around

Looping and soaring

‘Up here!!!’ I scream

‘Look up!! Look up!!!’

Tearing around

Working my way through


Well nothing

Just weightless air

Just unlimited air

Just unrestricted air

Just unopinionated air

Uncontrollable air.


Flying is now my favourite sport

My body feels no pain

It moves smoothly and easily

My thoughts are my own

Such joy I only used to dream of


But here, I am free

Here I am me.


Background: I dream of flying as walking is so hard. I wrote this poem after I was lucky enough to visit Zipworld in North Wales and have a go on the zip wire named Velocity. It was an amazing experience. I'm on the left in the photo!

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