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My Four-Wheeled Friend


My four-wheeled friend is feeling let down

Not said anything for days

Has now turned her back on me

Sits there and waits

Wondering why she stays

I should be distraught

I should be screaming and shouting

Telling her not to be so glum

But to tell you the truth

I can’t blame her moods

She has just lost her only chum

Took ages to accept her as a friend

Stop pushing her away shouting ‘no!’

But this walk was too hard

So along she came

Rolled with me wherever we’d go

But in time it changed

New ideas sprung to mind

Exhausted arms needed a rest

Bumps and holes

In pavements no more

Will stop me doing my best

Something powerful I had to find

To barge through all in my way

To set new speeds

To race with all

And join them for the play

Motorised Blue is now the star

With a powerful engine

Much faster by far

We venture further to places new

To hidden gems, I never knew


We sit there and laugh

We sit there and smile

A life of adventure

Hurtling mile after mile


But let’s not forget my two stumbling legs

Whose unsteady walk

Take me to places near

Whose uncontrolled walk

Leaves people in fear


I can’t compete

With the bigger toy

But walking on my feet

Is what I long to enjoy


Motorised Blue

Background: Last year (2018) has been a year of many firsts: first time to use 2 walking sticks; first time to use a wheelchair and first time to need an electric scooter. However, I was really disappointed that my arms were just not strong enough to propel a wheelchair and I needed an electric scooter. That's where the idea for this poem started.

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