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Monster Mum


Monster Mum is on the rampage

she’s hurtling through the house,

take cover

lie low

be as quiet as a mouse.


You always know she’s coming

with her mighty thundering walk,

walls shudder

carpets tremble

and the eyes of the furniture gawk.


She descends on the room

towering and strong,

think quick

heart racing

don’t get it wrong.


‘What’s all that noise?’ she roars

and ‘look at all those pens!’

‘How many times have I told you,

why can’t you just be friends?’


There’s no use telling a lie

no use spinning a line,

Monster Mum knows all your secrets

can find the truth every time.


But just as they whisper in the corner

Monster Mum melts on the spot,

‘If you tidy this mess and lay the table,

then I guess I’ll forget the lot.’


You see Monster Mum can be really gentle

she praises the good that you’ve done,

she pins up your drawings

she plays your games,

she makes sure you have lots of fun.


Monster Mum is always on the prowl

looking for something to eat,

a spoonful of kindness

a slice of naughtiness,

anything to give her a treat!


Background: Sometimes this is how I feel!

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