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Here I Stand

Wonder when that sorrowful cloud will depart?

Wonder when the striking blue sky will reappear?

Wonder if I’m really here?


I see the world from where I am

Hear their laughter

Watch them dance

But feel the agony of nothing


Here I stand

Without the legs that follow

Without the desire to search

Without the urge to achieve


Trapped in this place with no open door

Held down firm by an unsympathetic hand

Surrounded by my own emptiness


Might I not seek out my freedom?

Search for some hidden emotion?

Bring about a colourful change?


But no

This rollercoaster is too fast to ride

Too frightening to believe

Too exhausting to feel


I long to dig out the hope that will lead to the way out

My striking blue sky awaits

But for now

Here I stand

Background: I wrote this a long time ago after a particularly difficult time

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