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Found my legs the other day

Hidden away at the back of a cupboard

Real gems they were

Absolute masterpieces

Won prizes galore.


These are the ones that toddled

The ones that walked

The ones that ran

The ones that sprinted

Knew I had them somewhere

And here they are

Still looking their best

Like they did all those years ago.


Mum had said, ‘Put them in a safe place’

‘Don’t leave them lying around’

‘You never know when you might need them.’

Should have listened to her

The search might not have taken so long.

But here they lie now

As good as new

Waiting patiently

Waiting to be attached once more.


I pick them up carefully

Turn them over

Feel the warmth inside

Hear their pulse beating

Pounding faster than ever

These really were winners

Oh to have such great replacements

Such a worthwhile exchange


My legs today still look the part

But inside they’re different.

Heavy and sluggish

Distressed and troubled.

Hurting and suffering

Wounded and hopeless.

Tragic beyond doubt.


Let’s swop now

Get rid of these failures

Bring back the aces of walking

The masters of winning

Do away with all suffering

And recapture my freedom.


But something prevents this

Something is holding me back

I’m cradling my freedom

But I’m frozen with fear.


What if they don’t work anymore?

What if they won’t hook up?

What if connecting them is too great a task?

What if it’s just not possible?

I might ruin the legs of old

Destroy what they were

Crush all their triumphs

And end every success they achieved.


I place them back in the cupboard

They’ll be safe there

All these years have shown that

Take one last look

And walk away.


Walk away

I walked away!!!


My legs haven’t given up the ghost yet!

Something stirred inside!

Something that still wants to move

Something that still wants to go forwards

Something that still wants to achieve

Something that still wants to live!


New triumphs I must find

No matter how small, how slight

Big prizes are still to be won!


Background: As my legs don't work like they used to, wouldn't it be great if I could have the old ones back?!

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