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Big Mistake


It was a cold, chilly morning

When left glove disappeared

The search party gathered

A terrible outcome was feared


They rummaged every room

They ransacked every drawer

The house was in disarray

With everything on the floor


No glove was to be found

No glove, what to do?

They went outside, one glove one hand

But wishing it was really two


One hand as warm as toast

One hand a block of ice

They searched the garden up and down

Like a gang of scurrying mice


Left glove was nowhere to be seen

Their worst fears were met

With sad eyes and heads hung low

Their friend they must forget


With one glove missing and one glove here

The day strolled on as before

The morning’s adventures were almost forgotten

When right glove heard the door


In came a school bag all tired and pale

And a boy with three dangly arms

He couldn’t explain what happened on the bus

How a glove conjured up magic charms


‘I only touched it!’ he hastened to say

‘Whilst looking for a book in my bag’

‘When this extra arm began to grow

With a glove waving around like a flag!’


Three gloves taken

Three gloves worn

One mother shaken

One mother forlorn


He hugged her long

He held her tight

‘Three arms on my body

Just doesn’t look right!’


Never again will he pack his bag

In a hurried and hasty way

As magic might play with the wrong items packed

And once again have it’s say!

Background: My son took my glove to school one morning by mistake. We didn't realise until he came home that night. That gave me the idea for this poem!

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