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The perfectly sweet fluffy unicorn

The oh so beautiful pink princess

The super stretchy slimy sticky fingers

The they can be my pets for ever

The it’s my sugary sweet candy cane

The so so really soft take to bed teddy

The look at my family of cute snails

The super persuasive I need that treat

The never ending demanding chatty words

The I’ve looked all over for my school cardigan

The she’s not my best friend anymore

The but I’m not tired I promise

The just five more minutes please please

The I don’t need to wear that coat

The mess that I’m still playing with

The tea that’s too revolting to eat

The bedtime that never exists


The oh so disgustingly smelly and revolting medicine sitting on my spoon

The Payback

IMG_3142 (2).JPG

Background: Like I said, I feel like a Monster Mum sometimes!!!

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