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Tower of London


Just feel like crying

Flood the world

Swim to safety

I watch you go

I know I can’t do that

I understand

But I’m still upset

Stuck in this chair


Every time I go somewhere

I reach a dead end

Realisation hits

Impossible to join in

You’ll never do it


I watch your ease

Your skip, your turnaround, your walk

Your beautiful, balanced walk

So graceful, so smooth

I’m still here

Sat here

I sit, I watch, I write


The perfect platform to write

I sit, I watch, I write

The words they flow

They flood my mind

I write, I create

I free my thoughts

I free my words

My body listens


I’m sitting still

Let the words walk

Let them run, let them dance, let them fly

Let the words talk

Let them tell my story

I rest

Let them move

Let them free my mind of this hurt

Let them speak to you


I’m still here

At peace, untroubled

Let the words walk

Let them tell my story


Background: My visit to the Tower of London was great fun, but sitting in my wheelchair meant I couldn't do everything. I enjoyed this time by writing lots of poems, including this one!! This poem was aired on Huntingdon Community Radio 104fm

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