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The Claw

You never let me do my thing

Always there putting in your awe

Like this, like that

Sticking in your claw.


Let me speak to you

Let me have my say

Why aren’t my ideas any good?

Am I really in your way?


You say you love me

You tell me you care

But who is this robot lover you have

Always in despair?


Might you not want to have a look

Take a closer look at who I am?

See who’s hidden beneath the surface

And rid yourself of this sham?


For so long you have kept me buried

So long under wraps

I’m dying to get out there and breathe

Be free from all these traps.

There’s no use anymore

No use following a plan

I wouldn’t bother trying to lead me

Get me there if you can.


You see this girl is ready to go

Venture out to places new

Bring out all these hidden caves

To sample something new.


Don’t try and stop me

I’m going to make a stand

Step away and leave you there

In your cold and barren land.


Background: I call my anxiety 'The Claw'. It's because it's always there telling you what to do, how to do it and generally not letting you be yourself. So much time in the past was wasted by carrying out The Claw's wishes!!

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