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Tower of London Visit

Yes the cobbles were hard but didn't stop us!

We recently went to the Tower of London. It was an amazing day! We drove and parked nearby (a lot easier than trains and tubes...and cheaper!) Spent a whole day there. Glorious weather!! My husband and the kids went off exploring sometimes whilst I watched ground level and wrote loads of poems!!! Of course there are areas I couldn't get to (stairs are way too hard), but I managed to see a lot on ground level. My husband pushed me. Cobble are hard, but not impossible and there are flat areas as well. My arms are too weak to push my chair for long anyway!

I loved all the characters roaming around (re-enacting typical scenes), watching the guards and viewing the Crown Jewels. Typical though - why do people not see wheelchairs?! I was videoing the guards marching and 2 people stood in front of me! My husband got the video fortunately......I got bottoms!

Bonus for seeing the Crown Jewels! As I was unable to go up the viewing platform, they let me go on the moving platform on ground level TWICE!!! Yeah!!

There's a really great cafe as well. I thought all the staff at the Tower are really set up for disabled visitors and very keen to help. Thank you!

I knew I wouldn't be able to see everything (it is a historic building after all, so there won't be lifts in all areas), but was really glad I went. Still loads to see. The White Tower has lift access to see the Armoury.

Would definitely go again!

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