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Early Hours


It’s a funny old body

I have right now

I’m awake at five in the morning

But night time is still singing its song

I feel like I’m lying on bricks

But the mattress cradles me

Sleep has decided its work is complete

Has left the room




So here I am

Trying to calm the commotion

Trying to convince the intruders they shouldn’t stay

Trying to negotiate two more hours of sleep

But no one is listening


I toss and turn

I turn and toss

Wrestle the pillow

Try shake off the chaos

Collapse in frustration

I long for sleep

I ache for sleep


Wasted moments without slumber

Witness to things I shouldn’t have seen

When does it end?

I wait

My sleep must be near

My contented, comfortable sleep

My warm, peaceful sleep

I close my eyes


Background: Anyone wake up in the middle of the night? So frustrating!

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