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Do it Again Sometime

A day out shopping

such excitement,

best friends

changing rooms, coffee,

bulging bags, lunch,

more bags, arms being stretched,

natter, natter,

celebrating our success

dead on our feet,

do it again sometime.


But that was then.


Shopping now is an anxious word

filled with thoughts I’d rather

not spend time on,

meticulous planning follows,

how will I? Will there be?

A curse on the day,

desperately finding out,

it’s rather like taking exams.


Will I be able to park?

Sticks, scooter or chair?

What if I can’t get up the kerb?

Go by myself?

Take a friend?

Persuade the family?


Outside the toy shop

my daughter asks me which superhero

I’d like to be.

I think for a moment.


One that can walk.

Background: Remembering the fun I had shopping with friends years ago, compared to what it is now

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