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Big Foot


Mum stepped on the Lego

scattered pieces everywhere,

that majestic princess castle

was definitely in need of repair.


She blamed the careless slippers

too big for her feet she said,

she’d tried to miss the jigsaw puzzle,

but landed on the castle instead.


Too much mess was lying around

for Mum to duck and dive,

she hadn’t meant to break anything,

but her luck did not survive.


She picked up all the pieces

built that stunning castle once more,

but only when she’d finished

did she notice something on the floor.


A quivering pretty princess

shaking from head to toe,

wondering what had happened

to her castle of long ago.


She tried to run and hide

in her castle like before,

but silly Mum had only forgotten

to make a swinging door.


Now the princess was really stuck

with nowhere left to go,

she sat and stared right up at Mum

and quietly squeaked hello.


Mum froze on the spot

couldn’t believe what she saw,

I didn’t mean to frighten you,

but what are you doing on my floor?


The princess told her story

how she’d lived in her house for years,

in pencil cases and tiny cars

anything really that appears.


Mum thought for a moment

then gave some exciting news,

she could stay in their house for evermore,

she hoped she wouldn’t refuse.

The family always wanted a pet

someone to look after and feed,

a pretty tiny real princess

was definitely fun guaranteed.


And so it was, the princess stayed,

living and sharing the fun,

visitors flocked to see the girl,

sharing stories to everyone.


The children forgave Mum and her slippers

enjoyed the fun and laughter,

and Mum decided in all her years

this was the best happy ever after.


Background: Me and my tripping feet! My lounge was covered in toys. I tried to not step on the Lego creation, but failed. Whoops!

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