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Tickets to Ride


There’s a place in my garden

where I keep all my tools,

my tickets to ride

where the animals go.


One feather in hand

and I start to rise,

one mud-caked stone

and I’m climbing mountains.


Somewhere for me

to have oodles of fun,

somewhere to romp

amongst the wild things.


One jewel of a leaf

and the jungle calls out,

one serpentine stick

and they’re running for cover.


One shell full of water

and I surf angry waves,

one lace from a shoe

and I’m swinging from branches.


Mind where you step

you could join my next ride;

mind where you sit

you may end up inside: an elephant’s trunk,

a shark’s mouth, a tiger’s jaw!

Extra: Look around you, what could you find to play a game with? Now use your imagination, where could this take you?

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