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Rockbottom Poem. MS and falling

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Because I fell, I wrote a poem!! Having MS is not easy. Weak, wobbly legs, stumbling daily. I've only fallen a few times, so lucky!! But it happened recently. Landed on my daughter's big, plastic, hard boat! Ouch!!!

I'm not planning on falling again!!!


The leaves fall with barely a sound

Presenting the earth with a colourful crown

The rain falls with a watery thrill

Saturating land forced to rebuild

A waterfall plunges headlong down

Pounding an already battered ground

I fell with an almighty thud

Scattering toys in a playful flood

Copyright ©&℗ 2019 Jumping Jules Poetry

Copyright ©&℗ 2019 Julie Stevens

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