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Epic Explorer


I’ve got my eye on all these countries

but where does an explorer go?

There’s Mexico, China, France and Japan,

I need a place to be daring and bold.


My mind is surfing the oceans and skies

I’m racing with birds through the clouds,

to Norway, to Egypt, Italy, Peru,

so many wild thrills to be found.


I could climb to the top of a giant pyramid

or parachute from the Eiffel Tower,

ride the rapids on the Amazon River

you really would feel empowered.


There’ll be animals I’ve only ever found in books

different squawks and growls to hear,

terrifying eyes and grisly teeth

I might even meet a wild bear!


Rivers, beaches, or swing in the jungle,

maybe a place where the fierce beasts hide,

lurk in the grasslands or down in a cave,

oh, where in the world should I fly?


Finger on the map, drawing a line

a journey to decide where I’ll roam,

eyes closed, don’t peek, finger walks, finger sticks.

Yikes! I’ve landed here back at home!

Extra: Where would you go? Why?

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