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I scooped handfuls of pink confetti,

gave it wildly to the sky and watched it

float down to my hair, cheeks, nose, wings

and there I was, perched on my branch of blossom


singing thanks to my velvet landing and

wings of release. My beak looks fine don’t

you think? Playing this rousing tune to all

around, collecting delight in my chocolate opal feathers,


skinny legs, like hers down the road

and royal stretching wings. But I can’t stay.

I need to taste the lift once more, feel the rush

and hover light knowing I’m safe.


I’ll return to the grind when I’m done,

these wings show me what it’s like to soar.

Come now, ride with me, you won’t

stumble in clouds.

Background: Flying is a frequent dream of mine. Not surprising really!

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