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Animal Doctors


Being ill is no fun at all

like bringing a shark round to play,

he’d eat all your toys

or snap them in half,

it really does ruin your day.


Don’t call on a whale if you want to feel better

he’d flood your room with a splash,

make your bed all soggy

your pyjamas too

and fall through the floor with a crash.


A giraffe would certainly not sort you out

with a body as tall as your house,

he’d munch on your curtains

and smear your windows

with a tongue making mess throughout.


As for a bear, I don’t think he’d care

if he smothered your carpet with honey,

leaving a sticky mess

that glues your feet

to a floor that’s rather yummy.


It’s not a happy time if you’re feeling so poorly

better stay in your bed for a while,

make use of the time

all the treats you’ll get

you’ll soon be out there running wild.


If you decide to call for the animal doctors

please remember the advice I’ve given,

they’ll leave your bedroom

in an awful mess,

but your bug may be well and truly bitten!

Background: Which animal would you ask for help?!

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